U P C O M I N G  E V E N T S

7th grade guys - Thursday 6:45 am at 3773 Montevallo Rd

7th grade girls - Thursday 6:45am at 17 Winthrop Ave

8th grade guys - Tuesday 6:45 am at 109 Hillsdale Rd

8th grade girls - Tuesday 6:45 am at 36 Clarendon Rd

9th grade guys - Friday 6:45 am at 28 Winthrop Ave

9th grade girls - Friday 6:45 am at 14 Norman Dr

10th grade guys - Tuesday 6:30 pm Rotating Homes

10th & 11th grade girls - Tuesday 7:30 pm at 3168 Pipe Line Rd

11th & 12th grade guys - Tuesday 6:00 pm Rotating Homes

12th grade girls - Thursday 6:00 pm at 3168 Pipe Line Rd

If you would like to host or provide a meal click here:

10th grade guys

11th &12th grade guys 

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Bigtime Ministries

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P H O N E : 205.422.1220

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