Mountain Brook

Mountain Brook

Making Disciples in Mountain Brook

At Bigtime Ministries in Mountain Brook, we're passionate about helping young people navigate their spiritual journey during the critical junior high and high school years.

We believe that these years are an important stage of personal and spiritual growth, where the foundation of lifelong faith can be laid.

Junior High Students

Our junior high programs at Mountain Brook focus on creating a welcoming, engaging space where students can explore their faith, ask questions, and grow.

Through Bible studies, retreats, and mission trips, we aim to instill a deeper understanding and love for Jesus Christ in our students.

High School Students

For our high school students, we offer a supportive community where they can deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ and prepare to be ministers in their own communities.

Our goal is to guide them as they transition from being recipients of the ministry to becoming active participants, ready to share their faith and make a positive impact.

Creating Community in Mountain Brook

Community is at the heart of our mission in Mountain Brook. We believe in the power of relationships, community service, and shared experiences to grow our students’ faith.

We strive to create a safe, inclusive environment where every student feels seen, heard, and loved, and where they can build meaningful, faith-based relationships.



Clinton Wheeler

Clinton Wheeler

(769) 223-9753

Guys Minister

Riley Lackey

Riley Lackey

(817) 919-8397

Girls Minister

Zach Skipper

Zach Skipper

(205) 422-1220

Executive Director/Founder

Janie Roper

Janie Roper

(205) 566-1171

Director of Administration

Bill Garner

Bill Garner

(205) 317-1031

Ministry Associate

Board of Directors:

Brad Avery (Chairman)

Reed Bates

Leslie Brooks

Bobby Chandler

Mandi Cooper

Keely Culpepper

Mary Evans

Douglas Grant

Wayne Ingram

Bob Methvin

Charlie Norwood

Ben Walker

Ed Wills

John Windle

Caroline Woods

Paul Vardaman

Ashley McMakin

Mark Stuerman